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Yaw Frimpong
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DISOBEDIENCE - The engine for sin


The devil's temptation on Eve and Adam, was not just a matter of persuading them to eat the fruits of the tree of life and death, but to simply guide them to disobey God.


By so doing, Lucifer would then claim authority over human (since our obedience and loyalty would have shifted from God to him).


When you read Genesis 3:1-7, all the negotiation and bargaining that went on, was for Lucifer to confirm their key point of commitment to God, and break it.


When Eve and Adam ate the fruits, Lucifer succeeded in leading human to disobey God (and that was sin).



When we disobey God to obey Lucifer, God takes His protection from us and we become naked (Gen. 3:7). That is why after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they saw themselves to be naked, not because their eyes were opened (as claimed by Lucifer), but it was the covering and protection of God which was taken away. Making them naked to the trials, temptations, hardship and control of this world and Lucifer.


Lucifer would continue to make disobedience to God and His Word, the sweetest way of living, and make you think that such disobedience opens your eyes to see your nakedness.


Beloved, the truth of the mater is that, disobedience to God is the main engine to sin, and it would continue to make us naked and open to the harsh conditions and rules of this world and Lucifer.


The empowerment of the self, as preached by the world (that you exist by yourself, and not under any compulsion to obey the Word of God), is the catalyst for disobedience, immorality and above all, sin.


May God grant us wisdom to understand these words, and take the bold decision to repent from all disobedience and sin, to accept Jesus, and live in obedience to God and righteousness.


God bless you.

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