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Yaw Frimpong
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THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN IN RELATIONSHIP Many of us are tempted to draw conclusions on our partners or would be partners, based on some anticipated fears. These may include: 1. Past disappointments 2. Pattern of lifestyle which predicts a particular possible outcome in future 3. Failed efforts in the past 4. Strong feel of loneliness 5. Feel of rejection from partner in decision making. 6. Delayed expectations of change from partner. 7. Anticipated insecurity for the future The easiest decision to take in such situations is to quit or conclude that this lady or gent cannot be my partner. Proposed suggestions: 1. Examine your partner to know if he/she recognizes your fears too. 2. If num. 1 fails, let your partner know your fears (not to threaten him/her of your breakup. Else he/she would concentrate on the possible breakup instead of eliminating your fears). 3. Appreciate God for who your partner is (this would commit God to make your partner best for u.) 4. As difficult as it may be, never compare your partner to others or any standard/principle. Else, you would always find fault with him/her. 5. Finally, know that every fear is temporal and can be illusive. May God guide us in wisdom and by the power of the Holy spirit, make our relationship work to success (even broken ones and existing marriages). More souls !!!!!!!!
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